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What type of script would work for cross place chat?

Asked by 3 days ago

I have a one place game with lots of parts and I’d like to spilt it into multiple places to reduce lag. How would I do that while keeping the ability for players to chat to eachother? Also how do places work? Do they use separate servers?

I’ve tried the messaging service playground sample game with another player and we were unable to chat with eachother when in different places.

Any help would be great. I’m not looking for a script. I just need information about which type of script to research.

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Answered by 2 days ago

I don't script, however, I have a little bit of an idea of the terminology so I'm going to offer an idea while this board is empty.

See if you can set up your own service for Webhook APIs. Every chat message gets sent to your server, processed, and sent back to ROBLOX. If servers/places share custom identification names (to have multiple conjoined places at once, such as Universe1 and Universe2, likely need to be generated and not preset), these labels would be used to tag everything together.

This would almost entirely be a restructure of ROBLOX's chat system, so I'd make sure you don't forget the filtering bit to ensure you don't get taken down.

A message from Universe1's place "Town" would be sent to your webhook, the service at the other end would then share that to all Universe1 places (Town, Farm, whatever) as if it's from the original sender.

This might be a super ghetto way to do it, might be super outdated, might be innovative, might not even work- I'm just hoping that this may give you an idea of a workaround for your situation.

Hope someone smarter than myself comes along, and best wishes!


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