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Getting official ROBLOX badges? [closed]

Asked by 9 years ago

Hi. I know it's possible to find if a player has a certain player-awarded badge but I am wondering if it is at all possible to check if a player has an official ROBLOX-awarded badge (E.G: Welcome to the Club, Administrator, etc.) in their possession.

I am looking to do this to try and update my chat GUI to show the ROBLOX icon for admins, without having to update the script with less/more admins if the admin list changes slightly.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Either this is a good question or it's not possible. If it isn't possible, I would love to see it added into the ROBLOX Scripting API. Spongocardo 1991 — 9y

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Answered by
KarlXYZ 120
9 years ago

As far as I know, there is currently know way to do this as it's not in the ROBLOX API.

I'm pretty sure ROBLOX have to manually add and remove administrator's usernames from a script that shows the admin badge next to their name in the leader board.

You can see this at line 174 in the core script on GitHub.

(Ooh, just realised the above link will help you with the admin usernames)

Yeah, I did look through the core script, just couldn't be bothered changing it each time an admin is added/removed. I might post the idea to S&I, but I don't know. I'll accept your answer anyway, thank you very much. :) Spongocardo 1991 — 9y