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ProximityPrompt Team object mover not working, any way to fix it?

Asked by 3 days ago

I created a script that is supposed to do if you activate a Proximityprompt that it will move the model called "Lasers" in Workspace to Lighting if you are on the team called "Prisoners". The color of the team is "deep orange"

Ive tried using a Remotevent to trigger it in Replicated storage,events. The Script doesnt give any error in the output but when I try it it doesnt work. I hope that anybody can help me with this.

local detector = script.Parent.ProximityPrompt
local requiredTeam = game.Teams.Prisoners

    if player.Team == requiredTeam then                 


            game.Workspace.Lasers.Parent = game.Lighting
            wait (8)
            game.Lighting.Lasers.Parent = game.Workspace

            print("worky work") 

Can you confirm that the event is received on the server? I have had instances where, for whatever reason, an event could not be received (likely a bug). phxntxsmic 487 — 3d
Not really since im new to scripting. NEMOTASTlC 1 — 1d

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