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This is annoying in the output. I cant remove it?

Asked by 1 year ago


Module code did not return exactly one value

Error occurred, no output from lua.

The requested module experienced an error while loading

Stack Begin

Script 'Model.MainModule ', Line 3

Stack End

I do not have a script named MainModule. It cant be a virus as it gets into every one of my games (event brand new baseplates where I haven't placed a single object in) It is also not a plugin I use. This script is a really weird one as it doesn't have the parent of the game, it has a parent of Model. I only have a map model in my game. As well as this, it can't be found anywhere in the explorer. Please help!

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Answered by 1 year ago

I think that is a roblox studio bug, so you can't do anything but wait


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