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How can make a point store system that gives points when killing a player?

Asked by 2 days ago

Im trying to create a gui point system that changes the value and text of the gui whenever you kill someone, I want to use these points to buy items in a gui store for in game combat. I've created a TextLabel with the text "Points:" and then another TextLabel with the number of points acquired when killing a player. How can I make this properly? Im a little new to scripting.

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Answered by
Xyternal 145
2 days ago
Edited 2 days ago

So to achieve what you want, all you have to do is the following script. The code is self explanatory

function yourfunction(player) -- Get the Player

    local z = player.leaderstats.points.Value --Get the points value
    print(z) -- print it

end -- end the function

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