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Does ROBLOX handle advanced calculations?

Asked by 3 days ago

I'm thinking about making a rocket ship game,

I was just wondering if ROBLOX was able to calculate stuff like:

E = MC^2,

M (u + du) - M u = M du,

dm (u - v) - dm u = - dm v,

M du - dm v,

(p - p0) A - M g cos (a),

u = v eq in (mf/me) = v eq in MR = ISP g o In MR

Most of these calculations are crucial for momentum, calculated burns, and fuel frequency. (How much fuel is being used based on mass + thrust)

My freind, these calculations are so advanced that even i cant understand them lol Xyternal 145 — 3d
Yes, Roblox can calculate these. I would still run a performance test on them though. Running advanced calculations constantly can hinder performance a bit (Depending on how fast you loop it). Unfortunately though, the way Roblox works, you have to solve for one variable, and then you can ask it the answer. beeswithstingerss 41 — 3d
Yes, take a look at the type of math egomoose uses in the blogs section. This is possible. greatneil80 2465 — 3d

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