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[SOLVED] Trying to Index nill with 'Value'?

Asked by 1 month ago
Edited 1 month ago

I made a very small script to change a value, which in turn changes the camera angle in another script. The problem is this error. I don't know what i did wrong this time, but i hope to get some help here.

The script:

local cameraValues = game.ReplicatedStorage:FindFirstChild("CameraValues")

    cameraValues:FindFirstChild("Back").Value = false
    cameraValues:FindFirstChild("Front").Value = true
    cameraValues:FindFirstChild("Side").Value = false

The full error:

19:21:28.378 Workspace.CameraFront.FrontChange:6: attempt to index nil with 'Value' - Server - FrontChange:6

Any help is appreciated!

1 answer

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Answered by 1 month ago

There could be several things causing this error. First, verify in the explorer that "Side" is spelled correctly and is parented to cameraValuesas stated in the script. This error is due to the script not finding "Side" under cameraValues.

I fixed it. not with any code/ names, but with restarting studio. Apparently Studio glitched and showed me the values, but on Studios side, it wasn't there. Thanks for replying anyways! ColdFoxy07 24 — 1mo
No worries! Good luck with your project! BunnyFilms1 292 — 1mo

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