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Trying to trigger this function. Will someone tell me how to call this function correctly?

Asked by 1 month ago
Edited 29 days ago

I'm making a keycard so when it touches the keycardblock it calls a function (no errors in the output). It would be nice if someone could suggest a efficient way to trigger this function, I did the best I could but nothing happens.

local KeyCardBlock = game.workspace.KeyCardBlock
local KeyCard = game.workspace.KeyCard
local SoundFolder = game.workspace.SoundFolder

    if Tool.Parent == game.StarterPack then
        local keycardcall = 'key card used'
        print (keycardcall)
        ---write function for whatever block is changed by this

    if KeyCard.Parent == game.workspace
        local deny = 'Key card denied.'
        print (deny)
        SoundFolder.TemporarySound.Playing = true
        wait (3)
        SoundFolder.TemporarySound.Playing = false --Sound must be updated


I'm trying to make the computer check whether the keycard is in the StarterPack. It doesn't work when I walk right up to the key card machine and then the transparent 'thing' which should call the function.

Not exactly sure what you're trying to do. For better assistance and faster responses I recommend going into the scripting helpers discord server! l_diue 15 — 1mo

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Answered by 29 days ago

I tried make it so it would check if you have the key card. It obviously didn't work.


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