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How can I teleport all players in the server to another place?

Asked by 5 days ago

I am trying to make a game which players in the lobby can click a 'start' button to teleport to 'queue'. If there are more then 60 players in queue then all players in queue will be teleported to 'gameplay'. The first part is easy for me but the problem is the second part. How should i teleport a group of players and players from other queues won't join the same 'gameplay' server?

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Answered by 5 days ago

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You will have to use Admin for that

Great and simple answer lol, but it isn't automated so it won't work when the server have no admin Xapelize 858 — 5d
you will have to somehow get the teleport command from the admin and somehow script it do to that AIRBORNENicuYT 0 — 5d
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Answered by
Xapelize 858 Moderation Voter
5 days ago

You should use ipairs, an advanced loop, which checks through all the players and send them to a place.

for i, v in ipairs(queueplayers) do
    v.HumanoidRootPart.Position.CFrame =,0,0).CFrame
Sorry I should have make myself clear. The ‘lobby’, ‘queue’ and ‘gameplay’ are places which you can teleport through them using TeleportService. But I have no idea how I should teleport all players to a server using teleport service 7777ert 7 — 5d
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Answered by 4 days ago

if u want to change that peoples go to an another game / place then try this

`` local teleport = game:GetService("TeleportService") local placeid = 1234566789 local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer



im not sure in wich script u have to use it

set by placeid the placeid of the game

set third party teleports on dont know how to do? follow me

go to : game setting > security > allow thirs party sales > set it on

i hope it work

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