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Encountering Error 773 multiple times while trying to teleport to friend , any help?

Asked by 9 days ago

So , I made a friend teleport gui that teleports you to your friend. The place which where you are supposed to be teleported to has a max player count of 50 and is public as I tried using Teleport() and TeleportToPrivateServer() and it works. Im using a local script to teleport the player to their friend. But when I click on the join button , I get an error saying

Teleport Failed Attempt to teleport to a place that is restricted Error Code : 773

Client Code:

    teleport:TeleportToPlaceInstance(v.PlaceId , v.GameId , Player)

Please help!

1 answer

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Answered by
Xapelize 1080 Moderation Voter
9 days ago

The place is restricted means that the server's status are no longer accessable for players. Your script is working though.

What occurs the error code 773? I actually don't know, but you could try the script soon Xapelize 1080 — 9d

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