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How to Change Body Type In Character Customization?

Asked by 14 days ago
Edited 14 days ago

Hi, i wanted to make my character customisation to be able to change the player's body type. Such as choosing to use the block rig or the mesh rig. The problem is i have zero idea about how am i supposed to do it.

Edit: I tried cloning a rig(e.g block rig)'s MeshParts and clone it into player's character, and then destroying the original character's MeshParts. Not sure if it's the right way. But right now i'm still stuck in trying to make the tables work so i don't have to write. Char.Head:Destroy() plr.Char.LeftFoot:Destroy() and so on.

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Answered by 13 days ago
local humanoidDescription ="HumanoidDescription")
humanoidDescription.HatAccessory = "2551510151,2535600138"
humanoidDescription.BodyTypeScale = 0.1
humanoidDescription.ClimbAnimation = 619521311
humanoidDescription.Face = 86487700
humanoidDescription.GraphicTShirt = 1711661
humanoidDescription.HeadColor =, 1, 0)

Change the Numbers's to the thing. to add a new thing like torso do:

humanoidDescription.Torso = "number without the apostrophes"
Yes, that creates a hum des but how do i apply it to the player's character? LoyalQuickAngel 29 — 13d

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