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How to reload saved character customization after death?

Asked by 14 days ago

Hi, just joined here. Sorry in advance if i made a mistake in this post.

I have created a character customization script, it works. Everything works perfectly except that when the character died, it didn't reload the user's saved customization. I have searched here and there and it pinpoints toward telling me to use the "CharacterAdded" function. However i have just started scripting, so i couldn't really grasp the mechanic of using that CharacterAdded thing.

Anyway, some details, the way i store the player's customization is by creating a value which will be stored into Player.LocalPlayer and saved to data storage after button press. It's working perfectly. Also I managed to write a line of function to read those value and load it into the players character. This function runs when PlayerAdded is run. The only problem is i don't know how to run the function each time the character respawns. That's all, Thanks.

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Answered by 14 days ago
Edited 14 days ago

Hello! There is actually a special folder in Roblox that runs all of the scripts inside every time the player's character spawns. You kind find it under Starter Player ==> Starter Character Scripts.


Best of luck on your game and development career! :D


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