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I need Help To Make The Owner Big and no one else plz?

Asked by 3 days ago

I Don't Know why dies does not work.. Also i am a newbie .-.


local plr = Game.Workspace:FindFirstChild("TheStevenYt7758") <----- Change The Name To Anyone Like You!

local hum = plr:FindFirstChildWhichIsA("Humanoid") --I Think You Are Suppose To Add ~=nil Idk But I Am New.. D:

hum.BodyWidthScale = 1.5
hum.BodyDepthScale = 1.5 hum.BodyHeightScale = 1.6 hum.BodyProportionScale = 1.5 hum.BodyTypeScale = 1.5 hum.HeadScale = 1.4

All i Know =/ Plz and thank you!.

Bruh Missed Spelled At the Title XD TheStevenYt7758 13 — 3d

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