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What is the difference between Lighting and ServerStorage?

Asked by 10 years ago

Okay, so I read on the wiki that ServerStorage and ReplicatedStorage are meant to replace Lighting.

What are the benefits of using then instead of Lighting?

What's really the difference between them?

The difference between them is that Lighting isn't meant to hide/store parts (it wasn't designed to) where ServerStorage is. However, I don't trust it and I still use Lighting. nate890 495 — 10y

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Answered by 10 years ago

Lighting is meant to be a service that controls game lighting and environment settings. It shouldn't contain anything.

ServerStorage is a service which is for storing objects on the server. Objects in ServerStorage do not replicate to the client, meaning you can only access them from within a Script, not a LocalScript.

ReplicatedStorage is a service which is for storing objects on the server and are replicated to the client. This means that you can access objects in ReplicatedStorage from both a LocalScript and a Script.

Storing things like different maps and tools are good to be in ServerStorage, because it doesn't lag up the client by replicating them over the network.


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