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Where can I learn Mathematics for making projectiles, etc.?

Asked by 2 days ago

Hello there! This question is not about an error in my script since I am already familiar with Lua, especially OOP. But I have the last problem with scripting, which I have less practice with Mathematics. I'm going to continue developing my Roblox magic game, and this would heavily impact how I script projectiles since I have less knowledge yet. Where can I learn Basic Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry for free? I tried to search for lessons on Google, and I'm confused about their usage since it assumed I already know about the basics. Thank you for your suggestion!

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Answered by
Vathriel 477 Moderation Voter
2 days ago

Khan Academy is a really good option, they have courses ranging from very introductory mathematics to very advanced mathematics, and they also have physics courses.

In addition there is the wonderful post by EgoMoose on the devfroum Modeling a projectile's motion


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