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Assign Player to Team on Join?

Asked by 4 days ago

There are two teams: Red and Black. When a new player joins, they'll be assigned to the team with the least amount of people.

For instance, if Red has 18 people and Black has 22, then the next player that joins will be assigned to Red. If both teams have the same amount of people then the next player that joins will be assigned to a random one.

I couldn't find anything helpful on this (hence the lack of code), so how would I do this? Thanks for your help :)

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Answered by 1 day ago
Edited 1 day ago


I suggest reading up on this:

Code (Server Sided)

local Teams = game:GetService("Teams")

local amountOnRed = 0
local amountOnBlack = 0

for i, v in pairs(game.Players:GetChildren()) do
if v:IsA("Player") then
if v.Team == "Red" then
amountOnRed = amountOnRed + 1
elseif v.Team == "Black" then
amountOnBlack = amountOnBlack + 1

if amountOnRed > amountOnBlack then
player.Team = "Black"
elseif amountOnBlack > amountOnRed then
player.Team = "Red"
player.Team = math.random(Teams) -- in case the teams are even

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