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Is it good idea to parent script to the game?

Asked by
imKirda 1203 Moderation Voter
12 days ago
Edited 12 days ago

I have made custom module for replacing the TweenService, now i want to access it and i got a very cool idea to make it very easily accessible from multiple scripts, i want it because i want to feel like it is the real service and real services you don't get them like this:

local tweenService = replicatedStorage.modules.container.otherstuff.......

But like this:

local tweenService = game:GetService("TweenService")

So my shorter idea was to parent it to the game

script.Parent = game

I could create module which would do that in studio as you can't parent it to the game in explorer but the question is, is it good idea or should i forget about it, no, trash idea?

Thanks, kirda

Why would you want that? Serverscriptservice is good enough! rabbi99 535 — 12d

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Answered by 12 days ago
Edited 12 days ago

I would not, the game object is basically the whole game in example.


We are using that game object to get the Players Service. I would either use Workspace or SeverScriptService (For a sever script)

(After reading your question more)

You can just put the module script into SeverScriptStorage.

To access the module script,

local SeverScriptService = game:GetService("SeverScriptService") 
local ModuleScript = require(SeverScriptService.TweenModule) 



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