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How would I make a variable for the humanoid in a server script?

Asked by 3 years ago
Edited 3 years ago

I'm making a pathfinding script where an NPC follows a player, but I don't know how to define the humanoid. I'd appreciate it if someone could give me 1 or 2 ways on how to make a variable for a humanoid.

Edit: Just wanna clarify: I wanna make a variable for the humanoid that the NPC follows, and I'd like to make the NPC just follow the nearest player but can also switch targets like in ROBLOX RPG games.

Who's humanoid? The NPC's? Or the player it follows? If is the player it follows, it depends, it follows a single player? It follows the nearest player? Necro_las 412 — 3y
I gave more detail now, thanks for letting me know about that infamous_drake -5 — 3y

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