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Gamepass tools

Asked by 7 years ago

id = 140837471 --gamepass id game.Players.PlayerAdded:connect(function(plr) repeat wait() until plr.Character if Game:GetService("GamePassService"):PlayerHasPass(plr, id) then tool = game.ServerStorage["88885539"] tool:clone().Parent = plr.Backpack tool:clone().Parent = plr.StarterGear end end)

I'm trying to put an airstrike into a game pass. On line 5, do I put the name of the gear or the ID of the gear, and do I put the gear in Workspace in lighting?

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Answered by
Unclear 1776 Moderation Voter
7 years ago

You want to put the name of the Tool that you put into ServerStorage. If you insert a Tool or make one and put it in ServerStorage and want to use it in the code you provided, you'll need to make sure that you replace the word NAME in the code below to the actual name of the Tool.

tool = game.ServerStorage["NAME"]

You can find ServerStorage in your Explorer window. Just put the Tool that you want to duplicate there.

In the line with...

game:GetService("GamePassService"):PlayerHasPass(plr, id)

... you want to replace the word id with the actual numerical id of the GamePass you want to use.


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