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How do i make a certain team open something?

Asked by 9 days ago

Question 1: How do i make a certain team open something Question 2: How to make a vehicle only driveable by people with a certain gamepass?

I am making a border game and i want a certain team to open the border not like anyone could open the border. So i need help on that.

Second question is how do i make a car only driveable by the people who owns the gamepass. Also need help on this.

For the question 1, you could check their team. For the question 2, you could check whatever a user sits on the vehicleSeat and then check if they own the gamepass with the UserOwnsGamePassAsync function of MarketplaceService Xx_XSanderPlayXx 107 — 9d
I could help u more if u give information of how are you opening the border, that's all... Xx_XSanderPlayXx 107 — 9d
Okay here is the link for the border game just check it out also don't worry that i have done nothing its at another island so all i need help is with only a certain team can open the border and for the cars a certain gamepass player can drive. Link is below Xxgamerrobllox3 -3 — 9d
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would be highly obliged if i get help. Xxgamerrobllox3 -3 — 9d
It does not help me Xxgamerrobllox3 -3 — 8d

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