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Help with a material-based bullet hole system with ACS 1.7?

Asked by 9 days ago

Hello, I am currently working on a custom version of ACS 1.7 and I wish to make a material-based bullethole system, I already have the basics of it so, when you shoot, it creates a bullethole on whatever part the bullet hit. Now, what I need is for it to be material-based, so basically, different bulletholes depending on the material of the part that the bullet hit.

The lines for this system to work are:

local default_bulletholes = { "4117124202"; "4117124881"; "4117125609"; "4117126706"; "4117127411"; }


    Evt.Hit:FireAllClients(Player, Position, HitPart, Normal, Material, Settings)
            local a ="Part", BulletModel)
        a.FormFactor = "Custom"
        a.TopSurface = 0
        a.BottomSurface = 0
        a.Transparency = 1
        a.CanCollide = false
        a.Size =, 0, 0.5)
        a.CFrame =,Position-Normal) * CFrame.Angles(90*math.pi/180,math.random(0,360)*math.pi/180,0)
        a.BrickColor ="Really black")
        a.Material = Enum.Material.Air

        local b ='WeldConstraint')
        b.Parent = a
        b.Part0 = a
        b.Part1 = HitPart

        local c ="Decal", a)
        c.Texture = "rbxassetid://"..default_bulletholes[math.random(1,5)]
        c.Face = "Top"
--      c.Transparency = 0

        local d ="PointLight", a)
        d.Color =, 0, 0)
        d.Range = 0
        d.Shadows = true

        local e ="Weld")
        e.Part0 = a
        e.Part1 = HitPart   

Some help would be extremely appreciated.

My discord: krypto#0514

1 answer

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Answered by 9 days ago
Edited 9 days ago

In the default_bulletholes table, name each index the specific Material you want it to be used on.

For example:

local default_bulletholes = {}
default_bulletholes["Enum.Material.Plastic"] = whateverIdYouUseForPlastic

Then on line 19 of the second part, instead of math.random() do tostring(HitPart.Material).

This seems like it'd work, haven't tested it yet but I have a question, how would i make it multiple IDs? Just by separating it like: local default_bulletholes = {id1, id2, id3} or: default_bulletholes["Enum.Material.Plastic"] = "ID1", "ID2", "ID3" Cryptographz 0 — 9d
Tried doing this and everytime I shot a part it spew this error out: 22:27:21.798 - ServerScriptService.ACS_Server:238: attempt to concatenate string with nil - The script now is c.Texture = "rbxassetid://"..default_bulletholes[tostring(HitPart.Material)] and for the tables it's local default_bulletholes = {} local metal_bulletholes = {} default_bulletholes["Enum.Material.Concrete"] = 4117124881 Cryptographz 0 — 9d
local default_bulletholes = {} local metal_bulletholes = {} default_bulletholes["Enum.Material.Concrete"] = 4117124881 metal_bulletholes["Enum.Material.Concrete"] = 5473838721 (Repost because comment length limit) Cryptographz 0 — 9d
try using just the actual enum object as the key rather than the whole thing (default_bulletholes[Enum.Material.Concrete] = 4117124881). you would go about indexing this by simply doing "default_bulletholes[Enum.Material.Concrete]" kaytikookie 40 — 8d

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