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Any way to lower receiving server/client lag?

Asked by 10 days ago
Edited 10 days ago

Does anyone know a good way to lower server-client lag. Right now my receiving is extremely high, peaking at 180 KB/s.

Right now I have a math code controlling the TargetAngle of 50-100+ instances of HingeConstraints. I can't seem to find a way to lower it the network lag. I have already set network ownership to the server.

They need to be constantly updating in order to create the desired movement. The lag is not seen on the server, only on the client side.

Like I said earlier, the receiving is extremely over the 50 KB/s recommended and very frequently surpasses 150 KB/s.

I need to have all 50-100 instances for the desired effect as well. The only way I have been able to get the receiving down is by lowering the instances of HingeConstraints and moving parts themselves, which is not doable in this situation for the desired effect.

If your talking about Plain Roblox Lag , then there is really nothing you can do about it. When you start a game with a baseplate , your roblox game should not lag at all. It all depends on your computer Processor or CPU or even the graphics card I believe. The Better your PC is , the smoother roblox should run. Tizzel40 225 — 10d
Also , even though there may not be a way to stop All lag , there are practices to lower it , like destroying Instances when you dont need them anymore with "game.Debris:AddItem()" or "Destroy()" or setting things to nil. Disconnecting functions is also a very good practice as well for combating lag , and memory leaks as well ! Tizzel40 225 — 10d

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