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How to script it so it detects the amount of times an animation has played then destroy itself?

Asked by
Nuzixa 4
3 months ago

Hello guys! I'm new to this website so hopefully I am doing this correctly.

I am trying to figure out to detect when a tool has played its animation multiple times it destroys itself.

I would really appreciate it if someone could help or gives some tips on how to make what I would like to do possible!

Thanks. :)

Hey sup, so i think that you can use a int value to do that, maybe when animation plays and stop then sum 1 to your int value then do the same process again, keep summing 1 and when value reach X number, then do this, i dont know if this is the most efficient method or if it even works lol, if i was on your shoes, i would do that. have a great day! lukethebos6 2 — 3mo

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