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Trying to make player debris but copied players return to "a t pose" [Read Desc] Problem ?

Asked by 7 days ago

I am trying to make a script so when a player dies, before they re spawn their character is added to a "temporary" folder. In murder mystery 2 when you kill someone, they ragd oll and then their dead character / character debris is left on the map until the end. I am trying to replicate this.

I have already found out that the character's archivable value has to be set to true for it to work it the character wont copy.

When I copy it, since its not really a character anymore, it returns to a t pose and the rag doll effect is lost.

I can anchor all the parts and then it wont return to a t pose although it might get anchored in the air which would be a very weird effect.

What would be the best solution?

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