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I Need help Help With Using v Variable In Brackets?

Asked by 1 month ago
Edited 1 month ago

Here is the part of the script where it is erroring, It is erroring on line 5.

function PlayerStatus()
    PlayersReady = 0
    Players = game.Players:GetChildren()
    for i, v in pairs(Players) do
if game.Players[v].PlayerGUI.ScreenGui.SettingsGUI.InteractiveGUI.Settings.AfkModButton.Text == "OFF" then
            PlayersReady = PlayersReady + 1

So supposidly this would check if the selected player is afk or not and if they are not we will add players ready + 1, and we would do that for every character.

The question is while when I use the variable v in that case it does not work, and I dont know how I would detect the playername.

I would like if you used code blocks. Dovydas1118 795 — 1mo
You are indexing with the value instead of the actual number/index. i is for indexing v is for the object. if game.Players[i] killerbrenden 1435 — 1mo
That did not help, could you please provide a code sample Gooncreeper 98 — 1mo
You can't access other players PlayerGui's from the client and server. DevingDev 346 — 1mo
You cant?? Gooncreeper 98 — 1mo

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