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When I add folder to Starterpack, My tool completely breaks. Anything to fix it?

Asked by 3 months ago

This isn't a script. But a QUESTION. When I add a folder to Starter Pack, It breaks COMPLETELY. And doesn't work. This is my Workspace Tab:

Weapons (Folder) > tool > qPerfectionWeld, Blade, Handle, part, part, part, wedge.

How do I fix it?

I am not sure, I haven't used that method, but if you really want to have an organized tools storage, I would recommend putting the folders into ServerStorage and making a script that gives the tools to players. Also, avoid posting non-scripting questions here, instead ask on our discord server. Torren_Mr 334 — 3mo
I'm banned there tho :c Superboybull2 2 — 3mo

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