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No Modern Documentation On Datastore2 Tables. Why?

Asked by 7 months ago

Hey there. I have spent the past couple weeks searching through documentation on tables with Datastore2.

I have only found old posts that dont work anymore. Its becoming a huge issue, and Roblox's main Datastore has a lot of issues.

If anyone can redirect me to a good source thats been updated in the past 3 months, that would be lovely.

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Answered by 7 months ago

Datastore2 isn't an official library supported by Roblox, it's simply a user created module (Created by Kampfkarren) that uses a unique method of managing data. Therefore you won't find any documentation of it on the wiki.

The official documentation for the module can be found here

The change log can be found here

Kampfkarren's original thread on it can be found here

I am aware that it wont be available on the wiki, but I did not know where the official documentation was. Thanks! APaperDeveloper 3 — 7mo

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