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How can I disable fighting moves while players are in a certain area?

Asked by 6 months ago
Edited 6 months ago

I have a lobby in my game where players wait until they spawn in a map. I typed out this code but it didn't work. The local scripts identified in the code are the scripts that bind a key to a move and I also put a huge part that covers the entire lobby that represents the space in which players won't be able to use fighting moves.

local disabler = script.Parent -- The space in which I want fighting moves disabled.

    if hit.Name == "Right Leg" then
        game.StarterPack.BlackHole.LocalScript.Disabled = true
        game.StarterPack.FireBall.LocalScript.Disabled = true
        game.StarterPack.RapidFire.LocalScript.Disabled = true
what's the error? Vid_eo 126 — 6mo
It doesn't work. The script seemed like it didn't do anything at all because when I'm in the lobby, I can still use fighting moves. osamayousef123 14 — 6mo

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