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What's the difference between a numeric for loop and a generic for loop? [closed]

Asked by 9 years ago

Could you please explain the difference between a numeric and a generic for loop?

You can see the [LuaLearner's lesson]( on those loops. Shawnyg 4330 — 9y
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Answered by
jobro13 980 Moderation Voter
9 years ago

Basically, a numeric for loop loops over a certain array of numbers with a certain increment. For example, for x = 1,5,2 do print(x) end will print 1, 3 and 5.

A generic for loop is another type of for loop. You basically use the for loop as iterator again, but now you will use a function to get the values. One of the most used functions for a generic for loop is pairs(). This will slide a table index and it's value to the values;

local tab = game.Workspace:GetChildren()
for index, instance in pairs(tab) do
print("Instance number: "..index.." of game.Workspace has name: ".. instance.Name)

This will print all names of all children of workspace.