The search feature on Scripting Helpers has been designed to get you the content you want as fast as possible. Accordingly, we have put together a list of some of the shortcuts that have been implemented to do just that.

Opening Search

To open the search box, you can simply just press Alt + S

Quick Searching a Category

Instead of typing in your query, then choosing what category you want to search (questions, users, blog posts, etc.), you may simply just prepend one of the following quick-specifiers:

Shortcut Purpose
question: Auto-select "Question" category
user: Auto-select "User" category
help: Auto-select "Help Articles" category
blog: Auto-select "Blog Posts" category

"I'm Feeling Lucky"

If you would like to skip seeing the search results, and just skip to the first result, you may do so by simply appending an exclamation point (!) to the end of your search query.

For example, if you would like to quickly jump to someone's profile, you may combine everything here to do the following:

  1. press ALT + S
  2. user:Kenetec!
  3. (Redirected to Kenetec's Profile)

Shortcuts to specific pages

Shortcut Purpose
fav! Favorite questions
set! Settings page
setp! Settings page > Profile
setw! Settings page > Password
setr! Settings page > ROBLOX
setn! Settings page > Notifications
not! Notifications center
stats! Website statistics page
glos! Scripting Glossary
ask! Ask a question
a! Ask a question
home! Go to home page
q! Go to home page
blog! Go to blog
help! Go to help page
lo! Log out (confirm page)
group! Go to group page on ROBLOX