These questions are not clear enough. What may cause the question to be closed for this reason is when there may be many areas of problem that we may not find an exact solution. These questions may ask where an error or problem is occurring. There may simply not be enough information for a person to answer your question, this may mean there are multiple questions asking what your intention is in the comments.

We ask that you indicate your intended outcome, any errors or problems that are currently occurring, how you're testing the script and what you're doing. Allow us to try and replicate your problem. Post what exactly you intend to do, what is going wrong, and provide any information or code that may be helpful in solving your problem.

Try to read your question from another person's view. Pretend you have no prior knowledge of your situation. If you're not able to understand your own question, you should re-evaluate it and ask with a little more detail.

How do I make a good question?