The moderation system on Scripting Helpers is completely community-controlled.

When you hit the required reputation in order to moderate, you will receive the MODERATE permission a few hours later. This will allow you to view the moderation page on questions. If you click it, you will be able to start a "claim" for one of four types: Lock (preserve post), Off-Topic, Spam, and Not Constructive.

Claims need to reach 100 pts in order for the action to be taken. When you start the claim, it will get added to the question's claims list, and you will automatically vote on the claim. At this point, anyone who also has moderation powers can see that there is a claim open for this question and will also be able to vote on it.

Your vote is worth 1/20th of your current reputation. (Reputation does not get removed from your account.)

The only exception to this rule are those with the FINAL_DECISION permission. These users will always have a vote of 1000 pts, so it will instantly carry-out the claim. Currently, only users who have the Community Moderator position will have this power, and that's not many users.