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Animations and Team Change. How?

Asked by 10 days ago

Im relatively new to scripting and all the videos, ive tried arent working. Im trying to make it so when you join a certain team you get certain animations. Honestly a team changer button is enough. I Also cant seem to figure out how to make animations play when pressing a button or typing for Example ; "/slap"

im sorry if its abit much. but it would be much appreciated! Regards.

This isn't a request site. We won't script it for you, but we'll give you tips on how to do it and how it works. killerbrenden 336 — 10d
This isn't a request site, you can leave this site if you came here to request others to write scripts for you, the way the site works is if you cant fix a script yourself then ask for help here Lord_WitherAlt 55 — 10d

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