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Is there a way to delete selected areas of terrain mid-game?

Asked by 5 months ago

According to the API listed on the roblox developer site, the Terrain object only has methods that allow you to clear all terrain, add terrain or edit the properties of terrain. Is there any way to clear selected areas of terrain dynamically in-game without clearing all of it and pasting what you want to keep?

1 answer

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Answered by
iuclds 432 Moderation Voter
5 months ago
Edited 5 months ago

function ClearTerrain(Cframe,Size) workspace.Terrain:FillRegion( Cframe, Size, Enum.Material.Air) end ClearTerrain(,0,0),,100,100))

It's simple, but next time at least do some research. I shouldn't have to search up "How to clear a specific region of terrain", and find out that its the first result. Cmon.

+1 for telling OP to do research programmerHere 372 — 5mo
I did do research lol just enjoy your rep. I already mentioned that the api under the dev site wasn’t helpful and I had done some searches on my own that just explained how to use the clear all terrain method aquathorn321 816 — 5mo
no u didn't or else you would know what to do programmerHere 372 — 5mo

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