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Is there a better way to make this bleeding system?

Asked by 4 months ago
Edited 4 months ago

I'm currently developing a bleeding system in one of my games and with my bleed system, I want to create blood pools based on where blood trails spew out from the player land.

Here is a GIF of what my current bleeding system looks like:

You might notice a problem in the GIF with my bleeding system, the blood pools are appearing slightly under where the blood trails touch the baseplate. I'm currently using a 1x1x1 basepart and having a trail parented under it and whenever the basepart touches the baseplate, I create a blood pool based on where the basepart is when it touches the baseplate with .Touched. This obviously is not working out for me since the blood pools are not being correctly positioned.

Can anyone suggest a better way to create a system like this?

Note: The .Touched event and bleeding effects are all created on the client so this isn't a problem with latency

Hello there, currently i see no code in this question, maybe if you edit your question with your code, we can fix the problem with out you having to recreate your system! You dont have to do this. BashGuy10 373 — 4mo
This is purely optional BashGuy10 373 — 4mo
^^ we're not going to create a whole new script for you. you don't even tell us what you've done. try including the script next time? s_iara 94 — 4mo
.Touched is jank and it seems like Roblox will never improve it. It's hard to say, but there is almost no way to improve/fix this, except raycasting the position of the blood to the center of the part that was hit, and then using that position. It WILL be slightly off and will also not work correctly for any MeshParts. Sorry. Roblox limitations. Overscores 381 — 4mo
Could you provide code as well as information on the trail? Is the trail on a invisible part? Please show more information so we can help you. BlackOrange3343 2653 — 4mo

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