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How to turn this script from client to server?

Asked by 5 months ago

how can i connect it from client to server

local Debris = game:service("Debris") local Tool = script.Parent local Player = game.Players.LocalPlayer local Mouse = Player:GetMouse() local Equipped = false local Activated = false local function MakePart(position) local sla ="Part") sla.Name = "Paint" sla.Size =,0.1,1) sla.BrickColor ="White") sla.Anchored = true sla.CanCollide = false sla.TopSurface = "Smooth" sla.BottomSurface = "Smooth" sla.CFrame = sla.Parent = Player.Character Debris:AddItem(sla, 10) end Tool.Equipped:connect(function(mouse) Equipped = true end) Tool.Unequipped:connect(function() Equipped = false end) Mouse.Button1Down:connect(function() if Equipped then Activated = true end end) Mouse.Button1Up:connect(function() Activated = false end) game:GetService("RunService").RenderStepped:connect(function() if Equipped and Activated then MakePart(Mouse.Hit.p) end end)
remote events/functions, look them up BashCaster 2676 — 5mo
i know this,but i cant make it. iBeatuEZ 27 — 5mo
remote events is the only way bud :( Unless you just make a script instead of a local script but you couldn't get the player from local player. You can make a remote event in replicated storage and in this local script you could fire the server on the remote event and pick it up in a script. Hope you understand! http_shawn 1 — 5mo

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