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How to use table.sort, from highest to lowest?

Asked by 5 months ago

I already tried looking for information on developer roblox but I didn't find anything useful. What I'm trying to do is to sort a value based on the value inside of it.

For example:

I have a number value called: Apple. This value is used to find the quantity of the item. Then inside of the value there's another number value that determines the rarity of the item.

I'm trying to use this script:

for i,v in pairs(game.ReplicatedStorage.PlayerData:WaitForChild(game.Players.LocalPlayer.Name):GetChildren()) do
        if v.Type.Value == "Item" then
                if v.Value >= 1 then
                    local item = script.ItemTemplate:Clone()
                    item.Parent = script.Parent.Inventory.ItemInv
                    item.Visible = true
                    item.Position =,x,0,y)
                    item.Name = v.Name
                    if v.Value > 1 then
                        item.ItemName.Text = v.Name.." ("..v.Value.."x)"
                        item.ItemName.Text = v.Name
                    item.Rarity.Text = v.Rarity.Value

Where exactly can I use table.sort, and how?

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