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How i can insert a "Diamonds" in Leaderstats?

Asked by 5 months ago

(Sorry for bad english)

Hi guys! Another simple request but i'm very bad with Lua... I need to insert another currency called "Diamonds", but.. if i try to insert the currency, not appear in game... This is the script without the diamonds currency ->

-- local diamondsName = "Diamonds"
local serverStorage = game:GetService("ServerStorage")
local currencyName = "Money"
local DataStore = game:GetService("DataStoreService"):GetDataStore("ProvaDataStore")


    local folder ="Folder")
    folder.Name = "leaderstats"
    folder.Parent = player  

    local currency ="IntValue")
    currency.Name = currencyName
    currency.Parent = folder

    local ID = currencyName.."-"..player.UserId
    local savedData = nil   

        savedData = DataStore:GetAsync(ID)

    if savedData ~= nil then
        currency.Value = savedData
        print("Data loaded")
        currency.Value = 10

    local leaderstats ="Folder")
    leaderstats.Name = "leaderstats"
    leaderstats.Parent = player

    local power ="NumberValue")
    power.Name = "Power"
    power.Parent = leaderstats

    local rebirths ="IntValue")
    rebirths.Name = "Rebirths"
    rebirths.Parent = leaderstats

    local dataFolder ="Folder")
    dataFolder.Name = player.Name
    dataFolder.Parent = serverStorage.RemoteData

    local debounce ="BoolValue")
    debounce.Name = "Debounce"
    debounce.Parent = dataFolder



2 answers

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Answered by 5 months ago

Jeah the script is nearly done. Only need to make a new Instance like this under Line 33

local diamonds ="NumberValue")
diamonds.Name = "Diamonds"
diamonds.Parent = leaderstats
diamonds.Value = 0
Thanks, but now if i test i have only Money value!! GuerraReturns 71 — 5mo
Jeah I probably know why. You created 2 leaderstats folder and thats probably causing a problem. Delete the second one. And put my code in line 15 and change the diamonds.Parent to diamonds.Parent = folder Paintertable 171 — 5mo
Works!!! I have change power.Parent = folder and rebirths.Parent = folder after your answer, and now works perfectly! Thanks GuerraReturns 71 — 5mo
No problem :)) Thanks for accepting! Paintertable 171 — 5mo
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Answered by 5 months ago

You can simply Create folder inside player called LeaderStats and inside that folder you can create as much currency values as you want, by creating intValues.

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