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Make a button show when another button is pressed and a player owns a certain gamepass?

Asked by 11 days ago

So recently, I've been trying to make a game that includes paid characters you can be. Once you press play, a character GUI will show. All the characters have a 'Buy' button under that character and I need it if you own a certain gamepass, a play button will show under the Buy button, I can script the last part of making that character being played and I can put the button in the correct place. I just need it when a player presses the Start button, a GUI will show and if a player own that certain gamepass, the button will show with Play.

(I'm not good with GUIs at all xD)

1 answer

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Answered by 11 days ago

This sbould work I think. Good luck!

local passid = 0000000 -- Pass ID
    if game:GetService("MarketplaceService"):PlayerHasPass(player, passid) then
    game.StarterGUI.ScreenGUINameHere.FrameNameHere.ButtonNameHere.Visible = true
    game:GetService("MarketplaceService"):PromptPurchase(player, passid)
    game.StarterGUI.ScreenGUINameHere.FrameNameHere.ButtonNameHere.Visible = false
It doesnt work, ive tried chnaging it and chnaging the script type. But Ive got no where. Sorry. DiamondRules01 7 — 10d
hmmmmm, maybe put the local passid above the script.Parent.MouseButton1Click function? Didgadely 0 — 10d

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