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How would I make a tab for ChatService or what are the channels are for ChatServices?

Asked by 3 months ago
Edited 3 months ago

Alright... I've tried for the past couple hours to get some type of idea on what I should do and I've gotten no where.

I have no idea where to start to get this to work, what am I asking? I'm asking how it would be possible to make a tab that pops up in the chatboxGUI for whomever you're whispering plus a Close command, whether it be /close or a little X at the top corner of it. The close command part is not needed but much appreciated. What I mean by channels is if you type /? or /help, you can see that at the top you can do /c which they classified and described as /c [Channel] but there's a issue, they never told us at least not that i've seen where these channels are located or their names.This is a possibility, I've seen this first hand at Ragdoll System Test as I whispered someone and saw it happen. See for yourselves. Any help, comments, replies and answers are much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Apologies that there is no coding, I kind of tossed my hands up about a hour ago or so and came here for help. I asked this earlier on another question but that was a double question tab so I'm hoping I can get some help with this now that it's the spotlight question. MillerrIAm 363 — 3mo

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