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Remove all comments from a script?

Asked by 3 months ago

Hi, so lets say i have 100 decals in my inventory. I don't feel like importing them all so would there be a way to go into my inventory and import each decal to a folder with a looping script?

I believe this is possible with the Inventory API, but correct me if I'm wrong!/Inventory/get_v1_users_userId_items_itemType_itemTargetId x1x3x6x9x12x15x 42 — 3mo
You can upload images using the Game Explorer window in studio. Better method than using the Create page in the main site. Let me know if this is what you were asking for: xPolarium 1354 — 3mo
^ i think he wanted to do it without manual work, only scripts Fad99 278 — 3mo

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