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My song ID uploader isn't working and I need help fixing it how do I fix it?

Asked by 3 months ago

I am making a game with music but I want to have it so people can put in a custom Song ID but it isn't working also I am using a Text box for people to submit Song IDs should I change that? This is the script Im using

local Song = workspace.SongScript.Song
local SongId = script.Parent.Parent.SongId

function click()
    Song.SoundId = SongId.Text
did you play the song after running this script? theking48989987 2067 — 3mo
yes HollowStreak 18 — 3mo
Do not post duplicate suspectshot108 386 — 3mo
The old one was not exact enough HollowStreak 18 — 3mo
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Yeah because It did not let me edit it so I made this HollowStreak 18 — 3mo

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