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How do I make a vehicle that can do a wheelie?

Asked by 9 days ago

So I created a suspension car with constraints, the car is fully functional. The vehicle is moved by 'Angular Velocity'. I was just thinking if I was able to make a wheelie with angular velocity. I tried it and it failed ???? do you guys have any suggestion? And also, I tried cframe. Angles too. Also failed. Any ideas?

Angular Velocity applies a constant torque to an object. Unless you have velocities to counter act them, your car will end up rotating the same direction. Use BodyGyro as it will apply forces to make your car maintain an orientation, in this case a wheelie. PhantomVisual 338 — 9d
@PhantomVisual I suggest you put that in an answer, it is definitely what he is looking for, and explains well enough to be its own answer. SteamG0D 579 — 9d

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