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why Repeat wait() until is not working????

Asked by 10 days ago

I make a mini game script that if have no players in the mini game, the timer stops and the message says "Time ended". But why its not working. I have a folder named "Ingame". The parent of this folder is workspace. It is working when the timer is 0 then it says times up but when the ingame is nil it not working and it is continued to countdown until it reaches 0 and disables the script of the timer. This is the part of my script that i mean.

game.ServerScriptService.Time.TimeThreeMinutes.Disabled = false
until Time.Value == "0:00" or workspace.Ingame == nil
game.ServerScriptService.Time.TimeThreeMinutes.Disabled = true
Status.Value = "Time's up"

Can you help me??

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