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Is there a specific way to raycast?

Asked by 3 months ago

I've done my research and apparently making a hovercar is the best option for making smooth suspension. In order to make my car hover i put 4 Thrusters on each corner of my car. To elaborate, i tried using raycasting scripts to change the power of each thruster so the car can float properly without flipping. I'm having problems here since i can't figure out a reliable way of raycasting. Is there a specific way that im supposed to raycast or am i stuck in a "trail and error" loop?

Trial and error. Unless you want to make your own raycasting system completely from scratch so it's "specific" incapaxx 3366 — 3mo
I'm inexperienced in cars, but I would use BodyGyro to orient the car using raycasting to find the angles of the ground. PhantomVisual 664 — 3mo

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