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Anyone know why ViewportFrame item would show up on Xbox but not pc?

Asked by
IDKBlox 65
2 months ago

I'm using viewport frames to show weapons. However,,those weapons show up in studio just fine.

I test in Roblox Player, and they don't seem to show up. I figured Roblox needed do to some sort of verification so I didn't think much of it. I left it a day or so, then I got on my game on my xbox and my weapons showed up. So I figured Roblox had accepted them.. Then I got back on my game on my pc with a friend and strangely enough; the weapons didn't show up again.

Anyone know any possibly reasoning for this?

It could be that you'd have to :WaitForChild() on the instance you're trying to find, if you attempt to clone it before it's loaded for the client. I suggest checking your ouput in the player by using /console in chat or pressing the F9 key. RubenKan 3436 — 2mo
That would actually make sense, But opening the console doesn't help me at all speaking it's completely empty lol IDKBlox 65 — 2mo
I just tried adding a waitforchild, and printing the name of the items, and it still works immediately, and prints the name of the corresponding item. IDKBlox 65 — 2mo

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