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Why isn't my toggle GUI button script working with imagelabels but works with everything else?

Asked by 6 months ago

when i try to script a "toggle gui" button that is supposed to toggle an image label when pressed, it doesnt work. when i tried using an image button it worked so why isn't the script working with imagelabels?

my script:

    game.StarterGui.Frames.Backpack.Visible = true

my workspace:

Is that all of your code? popeeyy 468 — 6mo
no, its just the mouseubtton1click part 1swenzje 27 — 6mo

1 answer

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Answered by 6 months ago

Because ImageButtons are buttons. They are able to be interacted with and they can show a picture whereas an ImageLabel is just to show a picture. In addition, the StarterGui is not where the player's Gui is, it is in their PlayerGui.

local client = game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer

    client.PlayerGui.Frames.Backpack.Visible = true

I gave an explanation on the difference which you are able to find here


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