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How do I make NPC drive vehicle?

Asked by
Nickelz 37
5 months ago

I am trying to make a Cutscene where you (the player) get out, and walk away, while the camera remains at the same place to watch the taxi drive away, but doing this, I've tried making a model (the taxi) and setting the primary part of that model to a part in the center of the taxi. Then, I would Cframe this part to make the whole taxi move. But by doing this, it looks fine in studio but very jagged in game. So I decided for the taxi driver actually drive the taxi so that there is no Cframing involved and thus no jagged animation. What I did was that I took a free model script (Search up NPC and the first one would be my source.) and fixed the errors and made the NPC to sit on a vehicle seat, but when I make him walk to a point it does not work. are there any special ways to do this?

sorry that's not a request site imagYTOP 19 — 5mo

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