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[Solved] Best way to send an object reference client-to-server vise-versa?

Asked by 12 days ago
Edited 7 days ago

My best idea would be to send the name of the object along with specific properties such as position or a humanoid's health in order to find the object on the client/server side by trying to match those properties.

Any better solutions?

As long as the object is visible by both sides (e.g. you're not sending an object from ServerStorage to a client) you should be fine. incapaxian 393 — 12d
how about (temporarily) cloning the object in ReplicatedStorage, where both the client and the server could see it ? proclet 22 — 12d
you could make a dictionary as a argument, then insert the object as a dictionary value. then just index the dictionary to get the object EXpodo1234ALT 1101 — 12d

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