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What is the best was to start working this lobby? [Solved]

Asked by 3 months ago
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So in my game, I want to have a lobby which consists of the player sitting on a bench, with the camera overlooking the room, with GUIs the player can prss to enter the game.I know how to script the camera and GUIs, however I dont know what to do fo the player sitting. I dont want them actually sitting - i want them in a certain position, playing a sitting animationuntil they go in-game. I dont know pretty much anything about animations, however I can search it up anytime. So what really need advice on is how I should do the animation. I am currently thinking about three methods: 1: spawning in a model which has no humanoid an such, and then using a bunch of loops to make the player "animate". The actual character would be spawned somewhere in a box while in the lobby. I think that this might be the most inefficient method of doing this. 2: When the player is in the lobby, I teleport the character onto the bench, modify the characters animate script, and then loop my sitting animation. 3: I create a character model (with a Humanoid and such), and have it always sittin there, looping th animation, even when the player is playing. I think that this is the most efficient way of doing this, however Im ,not sure, and thats why Im askinf this question. Since I know pretty much nothing about Animations, I migh t be thinking about this totaly wrong, so please let me know.

This question... its a bit weird, however, using your first method is the easy-est to do, but, to make it simple, just loop the animation itself, and copy the first frame of the animation 'till the end of the length, this way, you don't have to use a loop inside a SCRIPT to do that. AIphanium 128 — 3mo
* Note : i meant to use the LOOP option inside the plugin. AIphanium 128 — 3mo
oh yeah i made a mistake of not reading the wiki page about animations before asking this question. I know what to do now RiskoZoSlovenska 192 — 3mo

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